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Jaluran Rakyat ( Citizen Band @ CB ) - HF

Berikut adalah frekuensi jaluran rakyat yang tidak memerlukan AA untuk menggunakannya.
Dipetik dari
2. Frequency determinationThe following spectrum is assigned for this class assignment, amongst other uses, on a sharednon-exclusive basis:(a) 26. 9650 MHz to 27. 2750 MHz; and(b) 477. 5000 MHz to 478. 0000 MHz
- 26.9650 to 27.2750 maximum allowable power = 4W
- 477.500MHz to 478.000 MHz , maximum allowable power = 0.5W
(7) Transmit in speechNo transmission, other than voice, shall be permitted for longer than a three second period for eachtransmission.
(8) Maximum transmission periodNo transmission shall exceed 180 seconds in duration.
(9) Call signsNo call signs are to be utilised other than in a field of operation where such call signs are required.
(10) Telephone interconnectNo connection of a citizen band communications device to a telephony service is authorised.
(11) Operation restrictionsNo person shall operate a citizen band communications device -(a) in such a way that would cause unnecessary alarm or serious affront to another person; or( to harass or denigrate another person.
(12) No interferenceThe operation of the citizen band communications device shall not interfere with another certifiedcommunications device
Dengan erti kata lain, rakan rakan boleh gunakan frequency ini tanpa AA asalkan mematuhi peraturan dalam "First Schedule" tersebut.

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